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If House Can Do It, So Can I!

Most of the four people who read my blog know I’m trying to lose weight (I believe I mentioned it earlier). My tool of choice, this time around as in last, is Weight Watchers. I figure it’s only fair to be honest with you, my fans.. er, I mean friends, and let you know how good (or bad) I’m doing in “real numbers”. House (of The Madhouse) is doing it, so I guess I can do. If nothing else, I’m adding someone else (or some 4 others) to whom I’m now accountable. So see my cute little tracker, courtesy of a weight-loss-related blogging website I just found, extrapounds.com (clicking on the tracker will send you there).

weight loss weblog

This is basically tracking from the start of the year, so right now I’m -6 lbs!! I’ll keep it updated, promise. Even if I don’t keep the “other” blog, I’ll let you know my weekly progress (weigh-in day is on Saturdays).