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I Chose Not to Choose

It was a hard choice to make. Normally I make a point to exercise my democratic right to vote. This is the first election I will miss. I am not voting in today’s municipal election on principal.

It’s not out of laziness. It’s not because I’m busy today - I could have made time. It’s because I see no point in voting for or against a group of people that will really make no noticeable difference to me. The ones that are trying to return have done nothing to impress me (they all mentioned a call center that’s coming and general “we did good” stuff, but nothing that specifically says, “Here’s what I did for you”). Worse still, none even promise to do more than last time - apparently the status quo is a-okay. There are still sports in the city, and bix box land came, so all is right with the world.

And none of the new candidates promise much either, just that they’ll do the best job… at what? Really, what exactly does the job entail? Sitting on committees… siting in meetings… approving the same budgets and recreation plans, with the occasional project to bolster municipal spirit. There was no one even willing to run against our mayor for God’s sake!

You may ask, “Then why not run yourself?”. I can’t right now, but haven’t ruled it out. But the world isn’t changed in the boardroom, it’s changed at the lower levels… I’d rather be there.

EDIT: My non-voting had its expected consequences… none. There’s one new person on council and one old councillor with some extra time on her hands.