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Change Isn't That Good

I had a plan this afternoon. A good one, involving getting something done (paperwork to maintain the interest-free status on my student loan), walking and outdoors (getting it signed by school and brought to the bank). I was gonna go to the Registrar’s Office, get the form signed, and then walk to Churchill Square. Good times!

First stop was the Registrar’s Office to get the paperwork, fill it in and get it signed. First snag: They no longer sign the forms for graduate students. The Office of Graduate Studies (in their need to feel needed, I’m guessing) now does it.

So I trotted on over to their new digs in the Inco Innovation Centre (there’s an indoor waterfall!). Second snag: I couldn’t just get it signed as in previous years, but rather had to leave it there and can come retrieve it “tomorrow afternoon”. Argh! I liked the old way, because the old way meant I could go today, when the weather is nice, and maybe hit Timmy’s on the way back for a tea and a cookie.

In this case, change is bad.