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New Orleans Is Sinking, Man and I Can't Stop Watching

Dear CNN: Please give me a break. I understand that you are certainly not to blame for Hurricane Katrina and the aftermath that followed in New Orleans and other parts of Mississippi and Louisiana. In fact, I’m sure the ground coverage you are providing gives the idiots who failed to plan for such a scenario great insight into what they did wrong and how people are paying for it.

But I’ve become addicted to watching the disaster recovery unfold, the way some people can’t help but look at a car wreck as they drive past. This age of instant news via TV and internet provides us with a continuous car wreck and unobstructed view of the twisted metal. I’d like to get away from all the disaster please, and walk instead through the beauty of nature, to be reminded that though some people have it extremely tough right now, life is still good and more importantly, will still go on.