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1991 Was a Classic Year

To keep me happy on a Friday afternoon, I’m listening to Edge 102.1 from Toronto. This weekend they are celebrating 1991 by playing some music (3 songs, to be exact) from that year each hour. The DJ who is kicking it all off admitted to being 6 in 1991 (I feel old - I was 12 in 1991).

The first song? Any guesses what one of the most influential album and song of 1991 were? Here’s a hint…. click here first song from this album. The fact that this song/album came out 14 years ago makes me feel old too. My 26th birthday is coming up… it’s not the number but the difference and distance from years gone by that bothers me.

The second song played from 1991? Much less angry, but definitely memorable…. song # 14 from here. If you don’t know the words, or own a real green dress… I’m truly disappointed in your lack of Canadiana, or realize you’re just not old enough.

The third song… consider this…. song # 2.

The DJ just said, “1991, what a good year”… you were 6!! Grade 1!! You are not able to say that.

I digress. Any other goods ones form that time? I would vote for “Even Flow” off of Pearl Jam’s Ten, that came out in 1991… what else? Old age must be affecting my memory.

Edit: More songs played in the spirit of 1991 – “Enter Sandman”, Metallica (head-banging, anyone?) “Political”, Spirit of the West (throw-back hippy?) “American Music”, Violent Femmes (one song I don’t think I’ve ever heard)