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How's My Driving? Pitiful..

So… my streak of good driving luck has come to an end. Yesterday saw two minor mishaps - no one hurt but my pride, and no major damage.

1) I was on auto pilot yesterday morning. I kissed Brian, he opened the door… or a door slammed so I started to leave. But it wasn’t Brian getting out the car. It was the car behind me. So I start to take off while his ass is still on the car seat, his feet on the ground. He, being more awake than I was, leaped out and yelled at me to stop.

2) In an effort not to melt yesterday I headed home to work yesterday afternoon. Getting into my driveway was fine. Backing out, I scraped the car parked across the street slightly. Nobody in it, the guy who owned it wasn’t home so I left my name and number. He got back to me today (I’m such a wimp, I asked Brian to call him for me) and he’s not too worried about it.

So please be careful around me… I’d suggest trying to teleport into the car. I’m fine with the driving stuff - it’s the stopping-going part.