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Movie Review: The Perfect Man

I had the priviledge of hanging out with my 12-year old cousin Danielle yesterday. IMO, we had a good day. Dairy Queen, followed by a movie, followed by glow-in-the-dark mini golf, followed by Chapters, then BBQ and then fireworks. The movie of choice (and I’ll admit, it was her choice), was The Perfect Man, featuring a rather old looking Heather Locklear, an ever-handsome Chris Noth (“Mr. Big”), and an annoyingly-perky-but-still-wholesome-for-now Hilary Duff. And it was a rather good movie for a matinee. Fairly fluffy - the story revolves around a single mom who moves everytime she’s dumped by a loser boyfriend she’s hooked up with for fear of ending up alone. She’s a baker - must be a good salary to have the money to keep moving. Her kids, Hilary and little sister, are dragged along with every move, and by the time they reach Brooklyn (the movie’s setting) Hilary, at least, is sick of it. And afraid her mom is going to hook up with another loser. So she creates a man to “satisfy” her mother’s need for romance.

I know, by now you’re saying “Yeah, wasn’t this all in the trailer?”. I thought it may be exactly that - seen the trailer, seen the movie. But the ending, while not earth-shaking, is a bit different than what I expected - which is really surprising because usually, everything Hilary Duff is in is pretty cookie-cutter. But if you are looking for a good way to spend an afternoon, go see it. Or at least, rent it when it comes out.