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God Loves a Beagle

Note that “Buddy” can now be found as “Andy” on the SPCA website and the Beagle Paws website

For those of you who don’t read the Telegram on the weekends, this story was in it - a story of three beagles that were severly abused and then dumped like garbage. Such abuse could only come from the hands of a sick and twisted person. I can only hope that somebody’s neighbour read this story and realized that their neighbour’s hunting dogs are gone.

Sometime around midnight on Sunday, we got a knock on the door (not that they needed to knock - April was on the ball as chief door bell). It was a couple of neighbourhood teens with a stray and injured beagle. They weren’t sure if it was one of ours or not, but this dog was very scared and was following them. He had some wounds on his forhead and leg.

So, like the person Brian is (kind and caring!), he took the beagle to the back yard and made a place for him in the shed - not as comfy as indoors, but still dry and out of the wind, and away from a potential dog fight either out on the streets or inside our house :) . In the morning I stayed with him for a bit (we brought him to Brian’s parents’ place to avoid conflict) and got to know him (we thought of him as “Buddy”) and he is darling! Playful, cuddly, cute and well-behaved!

In the afternoon, we brought him to the SPCA shelter. Those people are wonderful, and I know he’s in good hands (either he’ll find his owner or he’ll find a new family), but seeing all those pups and kitties looking for homes is depressing. I wish everyone would spay or neuter their pets - saves everyone a lot of grief and potential heartbreak!