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How's My Driving?

I’ve talked about my driving phobia previously. Well, looks like things are gonna have to change. My (formerly) unemployed husband has a new short-term job with an engineering company in our town. It was kind of bad in his old job when we drove past his workplace to drop me off to school - but it was almost justafied by the fact that between work and school was Tim Horton’s and Starbucks, morning staples of ours.

Now he works about five minutes away from home (and that’s if traffic is bad). The neurotic thing to do would be to make him drive me out and pick me up everyday.. wasted time for him, wasted gas money for us both, bad for the environment. I’m not neurotic (stop laughing!). So I’m trying. Really, I am. Yesterday and today I did drive to school and park… with Brian by my side to take the car afterwards. Yesterday (holiday) it made sense. Today, yes, it was a bit neurotic t leave 30 minutes earlier than needed to get Brian to work for 9 a.m., but I did it in morning traffic and we survived! By the end of the week, I should be going solo.

I have now come a bit closer to mastering a skill virtually all North Americans over the age of 17 already have a grasp on. Rejoice with me!!