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Have Your Drink and Drink It Too...

… without blowing smoke in our faces. I’m a huge supporter of banning smoking in bars. And this story on VOCM bothers me.

Beverage Industry Releases Stats April 20, 2005

Bar owners in Newfoundland and Labrador have come up with statistics indicating butts and booze do go together well. The Pub and Bar Coalition of Canada says an analysis shows that smoking bans in Ontario have resulted in a drop in revenue of between 18 and 24 per cent in cities like Ottawa, London and Kingston. Beverage Industry Association president Marcel Ethridge says it’s further proof of why the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador should not go ahead with plans to bring in a province-wide smoking ban.

I do feel for business owners who may be affected, and realize that they are looking out for their own butts (pardon the pun) BUT… - “Lies, damn lies and statistics”… over how long did it take for the revenues to drop, and did they come back? Was it a drop caused by a change in season? A drop from what point in time (same time last year, month before.. what?)? Not enough info! - Was the revenue drop specifically because there was no smoking and therefore less people, or are people just drinking less? - If people are drinking less… well, from a health perspective, is that such a BAD thing?

Ponder it.