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Attack of the (i)Pod People, and All About Easter

I’ve become one of THEM, those anti-social people with the white ear phones and groovin’ step. On Thursday, my blue iPod mini came via Fedex. Kudos to Fedex for their awesome up-to-dateness on their website when it comes to shipping info - it’s accurate to within a half hour, unlike Canada Post who will tell you your stuff has been delivered three days later. I tracked my mini from China to Alaska to Memphis to Misassauga (Woody Allen - “I have always wanted to learn to spell ‘Connecticut’”. Lori Hogan - “Ditto, but for ‘Mississauga’”.) to here.

I like my new toy. It’s functional, but not over-bearing. I got the smaller (and cheaper) 4GB model - enough for ~900 or so songs. I certainly don’t need that much. It can serve to transfer stuff from one computer to another, as I get closer to thesis writing (I’d rather not actually talk about that right now though, if it’s okay with you; let’s just say I’m revving up to working my ass off, but worry I’m not smrt enough to find a viable solution… okay, bout of self-doubt over). It has my name and website (back to the iPod mini, not the thing were not talking about) engraved on the back, so if it wanders your way, you’ll know it’s mine, please send it home. I’m currently listening to Dave Matthews (surprise?) but who knows what Shuffle will bring?

Anyhoo, enough about “Blue Devil” (that’s her name, since she’s blue, get it?). This weekend was the most important feast in the Christian year - did you go to church? (Sorry, channeling my grandma). No, Easter was a good time for me. I went “around the bay”, to the home of my ancestors. Many Newfoundlanders have different “around the bay”s but mine is in Conception Bay. My grandma (the one I channeled - you can channel the living right?) and many aunts and uncles reside there. Not many cousins left there, because economically, there’s not much happening. But the scenery is beautiful, once you learn to block out the rusting cars and abandoned houses that are becoming too common. I did go to church, and spent a lot of time playing cards (that’s actually a hazardous past time, watch out for flying cards), and talking to my grandma. She’s a good woman (some may disagree but we’ve always gotten along), but lately age and circumstances have not been kind to her. It was nice to talk and play cards with her, and I hope to get the chance to do it again soon.

We whisked from around the bay to “town” to eat some turkey and enjoy some chocolate and “discussion” at the Kidney house. That was as fun as always… though sometimes loud, it’s always entertaining.

Oh - shout out to my cousin Danielle. She’s 12, and is pretty kewl. This is her: