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Dentists and Modern Dance

The title may seem to contain two unrelated terms, but they are indeed linked, as they were two unusual (i.e. not everyday things, NOT that they are weird things to do) things I did today.

The first was my semi-annual trip to my dentist. I do like my dentist, though I must admit that dentists in general freak me out. Who would elect to go into the profession of looking into people’s mouths, except for huge sums of money? Dentists must have a sadistic streak in them. Take a look at the instruments - would a pacifist create such tools as the hook thing, the scraper, the poky thing and the mirror (those are not the technical names)? And all the fuctions performed by the above tools, though healthy, does cause pain, and in some cases bleeding. A little sadistic, no? All that to find a small cavity and get a toothbrush.

My good friend Nikki is coordinating/organizing the annual Festival of Modern Dance. They had an event tonight, called “First Look”. It was a chance for performers to try out some new materials. Well, it was all new to me - it was my first exposure to the “modern” genre. And I liked it - I think. The first piece started with the performer covered in rocks, lying on the floor (I think it was about how nature is being destroyed, that’s what the accompanying soundtrack suggested). I’ll be honest - the first piece baffled me. The second piece was less “out there” to me - improvisational modern dance based on colours from a changing light and words suggested by members of the audience. The effort of the performer was visible and audible, as there was no background music and you could hear her work, see her sweat. How she reacted to the colour and associated word was really interesting.

The last piece was… odd. I think it explored exploitation of women. A very large-breasted women was the “star”, and in the first part she was getting her hair ready; the second part men came and took pictures of her chest (her bra was “modified” to expose the … sensitive areas); the third part froze the men and brought forth in dance and signs the emotions she and other women exploited by men; the final part brought back the men . It was .. interesting. “Got it” more than the firstpiece but barely so.

Is modern dance my thing? I dont think so, but I do want to see more before making final judgement. I’ll keep you posted.