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Hold Out for Some Good Jazz

We made sure to drop by the Masonic Hall yesterday for the CD release of a friend and fellow O’D Patriot yesterday, Patrick Boyle. Brian and Pat go way back to kindergarten or something, but since birth Pat’s been into music in a huge way. Since high school he’s done two degrees in music (bachelor’s in trumpet performance, master’s in ethnomusicology) and has performed in just about every type of group and every place imaginable (well, I don’t think he’s been to space yet… but maybe).

His new (self-released) CD is entitled “Hold Out”, and with the exception of two tunes - a cover of “Always on My Mind” featuring everyone’s favorite Canadian Idol, Jenny Gear on vocals, and a performance of Thelonius Monk’s “Nutty” - all are composed arranged by Pat, and features him on trumpet and/or fluglehorn, with accompanying misc. percussion. To my largely untrained ear, it’s good stuff - and I’m not just saying that because I know the guy. The second track “Big R”, reminds me nothing of fish and chips but is still good. I’d strongly suggest you check it out - you can borrow our copy to have a listen. I’d definitely suggest you take a look at his website, www.patrickboyle.ca , it’s pretty cool (to my largely untrained eye) and has some samples of his work.