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Goods and Bads

I am currently in New Orleans. The Big Easy. I figured out why they called it that. It’s the girls from Bourbon Street, some are big and most are easy. :) Not really.

But I digress. First I must talk about my trip to get here. Here’s a top five list of the bad things about my flight (and flying in general):

  1. Food, or rather lack thereof. If one has been sitting on a plane for 1+ hrs, waiting for it to take off, and it’s lunchtime… well, one’s stomach start digesting itself. Would it KILL ya to pass the Yum Yum chips out early?

  2. Planes, more specifically broken ones. What does “mechanical difficulty” mean exactly? I can take the general details. I’m a big girl.

  3. Airports. Not the ones with free internet, those are good. I mean the ones where you have to run three miles (i.e. Chicago… it is pretty though) to get to the other terminal (and past the Cinnabon! Oh cruel fate). And the ones that Air Canada doesn’t employ people at (even though they do have flights that leave from there).

  4. Airport employees (okay, this does contradict #3). The flight from Ottawa to Chicago was delayed more than once. At one point the board listed it as “Departed”. Did the staff ever get on the announcements to tell us ANYTHING? No. Not even the delay notices, you had to keep watching the board for that one. Did they try to check to see who had connectors? No. I got more info from the guy on the 1-888 # than I did from any live human. Argh.

And in first place…

  1. Boarding gates. They scare me. What if it broke off the building? How would people get on the plane? I used to think (when I was way little) it was a portal-type thing (although way-back, I would never had called it a portal) to another place (which in a sense it is, but I was thinking bigger things).

But the flight had some good points. Met a cute puppy, a nice guy from Sudbury, and we had a band of merry men headed from Ottawa to New Orleans that stuck together, plus Hyungi, who we met in Chicago (she’s 9, plays Crazy 8s wrong). Did see a great art display in Chicago (hope to see it again and take a pic on the way back). And got Aeroplan points.

Today was good. Visited Cafe du Monde for beignets and cafe du lait. Listens to a man play trumpet on a corner. Touched a palm tree (!). Saw a girl flash someone for beads. Had an Original Hurricane and blackened alligator (tastes like chicken, different texture). Oh… and sat through 7 hrs of meetings (do you really want to know the details on those?).

Take care y’all. More if/when I get internet back.