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Super Sunday, Useless Weekend

Okay, I have fallen into the same routine. Every weekend (say, Friday evening) I lay out in my head the plan of all the good things I will do over the weekend, like clean and file and research.

What ends up happening? Of my list of ten things, I get 1.75 done. And by the time Sunday night rolls around, I say “Blah, why can’t I be more productive?” It’s pathetic. Am I lazy? Probably, though I’m not inclined to admit it. I’m more inclined to blame it on someting I can’t control, maybe it’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In any case, I’m going to start exercising more (yes, I know that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions).

Did go to “For the Love of Beagles”, and it was fun. Highlights? Kerry’s battle with the guy from the bar to own Louis. Tiug’s painting, the proceeds from which will pay for his eye surgery. And oh yes, the chocolate…mmmm…..

Okay, so I alluded to my New Year’s Resolutions earlier. I’m still “sticking” to them in a general sense. But I need to be more specific, so I have weekly goals, and they are: - go to the gym on Tuesday and Thursday - finish folding laundry and vacuuming upstairs/downstairs - collect more research data from the stuff on my desk (okay, so thi one you don’t know what I’m talking about… but I do)