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Weekly Movie Committee and Beagle News

This week, the movie committee elected to see In Good Company with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace, Scarlett Johansson and Marg Helgenberger. And it was very good! It’s sweet and funny, fairly good acting and Topher is dreamy….. :). The acting was good (well, there were some cheesy moments, but they were well-acted), there were some very funny parts (note: you will see Dennis Quaid’s behind), and the ending was not totally predictable, as is the norm in a lot of “sweet and funny” movies.

We have a foster-beagle this week, Barney, a beagle-coloured dog who is a bit too big to be called a beagle. But he looks like one from far away! Barney’s going to live in Alberta, as soon as he can find a flight out. He and April get along well, though they fight a bit. They unite to bark at neighbourhood skeets, as seen in the random shot to the right.