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Monday-morning Rant

When I was in high school, I was a morning person. I would happily get up at 7am all during the week, and even on Saturdays for my extra-curricular activities. No sweat getting by on 5-6 hours sleep. It was enough.

What happened? I’ve now been reduced to a crank who can’t function without 8+ hours of sleep, and someone who can’t tolerate getting up before 8am. I think it’s the result of first-year university, where I had to face those horrible steps leading from the tunnel to the TSC (the old one, yes, I feel old). Whatever energy I had woken up with was gone by the time I hit the top of those stairs. So eventually, I think my body adapted and decided not to provide me with any morning energy, if I was just going to waste it first thing.

My reluctance to waking is partly because of my “new” sleeping partner. When I was single and slept alone, I would wake to my radio alarm clock and get up when the alarm went off. My husband, bless his cotton socks, can’t possibly do that. The radio won’t wake him, and getting up without at least one snooze session will physically hurt him. So I’ve tried changing, but I’ve got to admit that the “alarm” mode sounds freakishly like a fire alarm, not a wake-up call.

We have a new routine that involves getting up earlier now. Last week it was bearable, but only just so, and last week was a short week. I’ll let you know how it is by Friday.

GOOD NEWS: I’ve been keeping to my resolutions. Been to the gym twice last week (I’ll go again this week too), been eating healthier, spent time with friends n Saturday night (thus resulting in a new resolution: Don’t drink so much lush!). Haven’t been extremely rude to my mother (it’s a start). Still working on the “time for work/other things” one… but I haven’t regressed to laying Bounce Out during the day. Though I was introduced to MSN Games this weekend (thanks Kerry)…..