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Out With the Old, in With the New...

I’ve had a fairly good Christmas. I did nothing academic and almost nothing thought-intensive. Santa was good to me. And reflecting, I’ve had a very good year. I’ve been to many new places (Spain, New York, Calgary, Niagara Falls, and Fredericton). I’ve kept in touch with many old friends and made several new ones. I had a wonderful wedding and in doing so united with an amazing man. I became a puppy mom.

Unfortunately, there are too many people around the world and even close to home who haven’t it as good as I have this year. My ideal New Year’s wish would be to have everyone happy and healthy. But I’m not delusionsal - that can’t possibly happen. So my alternate New Year’s wish is more realistic, in that I hope people learn to be nicer to each other. There is little we can do about natural disasters like the recent tsunami that has hurt so many. But there’s a lot we can do about the hurt inflicted in small and big ways.

In the age old New Year practise, I’ve created some resolutions I intend to keep. You will all keep me accoutable, yes? (These are numbered but are in no particular order.)

  1. In keeping with my above comments, I will be a nicer person this year in the following ways: a. I will be kinder to my mother (I am not always as good as I should be), and will have more time for my parents. b. I will try to have more time for friends I’ve inadvertently ignored. c. I will be less “gossipy”.

  2. I will be healthier, by: a. Following the Weight Watchers Points plan. b. Exercising 2 or more times the week by using my free gym membership. Even if it’s just walking the track for ten minutes on a day when I feel too busy. They say exercise is Nature’s Prozac… I’m gona put that claim to the test.

  3. I will stop procrastinating, when it comes to: a. My research/thesis - I will finish by the end of the year for sure, by August preferably. b. Housework. c. Volunteer things I’m supposed to do - If they are not done in a week, I will fully admit I don’t have the time.

  4. (Added Jan. 5) I will spend less time while at school doing “other” stuff, and less “other” time doing nothing.

  5. (Added Jan. 6) I will NOT bite off more than I can chew. My current WISE and IEEE activities, plus the occasional Beagle Paws volunteer thing are it - no more.

I may add more, but will not delete any. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.