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'Tis the Season...

So, the commercialism that is Christmas is now upon us… at least for those who consider it like that. It’s hard not to feel put-upon when you’re hit with the Christmas carols and “sales” imediately following Hallowe’en (I gotta wonder if it’s just me, or if they really do start the holiday campaign earlier each year). That’s not what it’s supposed to be about. I can deal with the radio personality reminding me I have 14 shopping days… but at six weeks before Christmas, I have more important things to worry about than getting my sister-in-law the perfect sweater (note to Connie: you’re not getting a sweater, don’t worry. I can barely pick out clothing for myself, let alone other people).

I can understand those who feel so overwhelmed by the “assault to the senses” that they develop a dislike for the whole darn season. However, I feel bad for those who don’t enjoy Christmas (or Hannukah, Festivus or whatever it is your heritage celebrates). I am a self-confessed Christmas junkie in that I enjoy my holiday music (http://www.accuholiday.com has free streaming music in many varieties UPDATE on 15 December: Accuradio has been down all day, it may be gone…). I love my Peppermint Hot Chocolate while I watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I love the lights on the tree and the incense at church (though I think they’ve given up on the incense for various reasons). I love spending time with family, though the dynamics of my Christmas traditions change as two individuals become one family. Those are the things I enjoy. It may be different if I was away from my family, but I’d like to think I would adjust. Or at least amuse myself with all the holiday classics on DVD that I could find.

But I’m always fearful of becoming one of those scary sorts who start wearing “festive sweaters” and shopping in June. Please shoot me if I become one of those.