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"Happiness Is a Warm Beagle"

I didn’t say it first (Charles Shultz did), but I’ll happily agree. December is definitely starting to let us know it’s arrived. We’ve had a bit of snow, and it’s chilly and wet out. But my beagle April and I are currently curled up on the couch (yay, laptop). This is her first December with us (she’s a rescued beagle, from Beagle Paws ) and it’s fun to watch her inspect the first snowfall. This dog has me wrapped around her paw. I can’t remember what I did with my time before her, but now I spend a good deal of time walking her, playing “Hide-the-treat”, watching her nest in our bed or on the couch, sleeping next to her in bed, talking to her, talking ABOUT her… Okay, I have a problem. I know it. But I’m not ready to seek help.

Can’t wait to see what I’m like with kids. :)